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Lumenis Fractional CO2 Ultrapulse Laser


Is Lumenis UltraPulse right for me?

As you age, the youthful appearance of your skin may give way to loss of elasticity, discoloration, sun spots, wrinkles, and enlargement of pores. Laser treatments can treat these skin conditions and improve your appearance.

If you would like to improve the surface and appearance of your skin, reduce fine lines, surface irregularities such as scarring, uneven pigmentation and sun damage, then skin resurfacing may be right for you. The laser is used to remove areas of damaged or wrinkled skin, layer by layer. The healing process is then stimulated, and fresh skin is revealed.

How Lumenis UltraPulse Works

CO2 lasers have been the gold standard in skin resurfacing for many years
New fractional CO2 technology from Lumenis achieves results like the traditional CO2 lasers of the past, but with the added benefit of minimal downtime. This is a huge advantage over other resurfacing lasers on the market. Dr. Concannon is aware that his patients are active and busy with their family, career, and other activities. The minimal downtime with this laser has made it extremely popular.

Many other laser systems are not aggressive enough to give you much of a benefit. The UltraPulse Laser from Lumenis results in remarkable, long lasting results and in most cases this can be accomplished in just one treatment. Read about our Active FX treatment, your single treatment solution for wrinkled, sun damaged skin.

Ablative fractional resurfacing with the Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore is a major advance in treatment of skin aging. The Encore uses a CO2 laser in three different modes to produce precise resurfacing of the skin resulting in smoother skin with a more even color. The CO2 laser has been the gold standard in giving excellent results with skin resurfacing for years. Older versions were limited by extensive healing and downtime. By using the latest fractional resurfacing techniques, the skin heals much quicker resulting in an excellent safety profile.

Active FX:

  • Excellent treatment for brown spots & sun damage
  • Helps superficial skin texture and fine lines
  • 1-2 sessions usually required
  • Healing appearance: redness & pinpoint scabs
  • Downtime usually 3-5 days

Deep FX:

  • Designed for deep treatment of wrinkles, scars and skin tightening
  • 1-3 sessions usually required
  • Healing appearance: Immediate bleeding, crusting & swelling for 2-4 days
  • Redness for less than 7 days though skin may be pink for longer
  • Downtime usually 4-6 days

Total FX:

  • A combination of both Active FX and Deep FX performed the same day
  • Helps with both superficial and deep skin rejuvenation
  • Pinpoint bleeding, redness, swelling and scabs

UltraPulse® much more than a fractional laser

With six times the power of most CO2 lasers, the UltaPulse system is the laser for advanced applications. Delivering speed, versatility, performance and precision, UltraPulse easily supports a full spectrum of aesthetic and surgical capabilities.
Safe. Precise. Powerfully Fast.

  • 6x more powerful than other CO2 lasers
  • 4x the depth of penetration of any
    other CO2 laser (up to 4.0 mm)
  • 2x the treatment speed of most CO2 lasers
  • 240 Watts of power to tissue
  • 225 mJ of energy
  • Optimal ablation / coagulation ratio
  • Effective single treatment, single pass = > means fast recovery
  • Advanced patented technologies
  • Offers the most delivery options
  • Customizable with unmatched versatility
    in range of treatments
  • Low cost consumables
  • 34 FDA cleared dermatology and plastic surgery indications

High Peak Power. Short Pulse Duration


Sustainable high pulse power with extremely short-pulse durations ablates
tissue instantly to reach effective dermal depths with sufficient coagulation to
promote collagen remodeling2.




Fractional CO2 Laser Pulse Widths Comparison (1.0 ms)




Depth of Penetration


A variety of handpieces provide superficial and deeper depths of penetration. Tissue ablation occurs at the precise level which effectively removes surface discoloration, improves skin texture, induces immediate tissue coagulation and stimulates long-term collagen remodeling for improvement of deep wrinkles and scars 1-11.






Customizable Treatment


With the highest power to tissue of any CO2 laser, the UltraPulse and AcuPulse deliver the shortest pulse width for any given energy, offering the best control of residual thermal damage and the lowest probability of complications 1-11.




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