Announcing The Weekender Lite Laser Peel!

Summer is almost here and we are down to down to the wire for skin care that requires a fair complexion! Luckily, The Weekender Lite Laser Peel is here just in time to perfect your complexion. This patient is a 27-year-old patient who wanted to undo years of sun damage and improve her skin’s tone and texture. The Weekender was a perfect fit!

The Weekender is a moderate laser peel that requires 3-5 days of social downtime, which is customized to meet your individual needs. You can apply makeup on day 3, allowing you to recover over a weekend and return to work on Monday looking refreshed and renewed.

After her peel, this patient invested in a new SPF to protect her glowing complexion over the summer months.  Concannon Plastic Surgery offers free consultations so you can find out if The Weekender is right for you.