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Posted May 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in their faces. Deep creases form between the nose and mouth; the jawline grows slack and jowly; folds and fat deposits appear around the neck.

A facelift, or “rhytidectomy,” is a surgical procedure designed to improve the most visible signs of the aging process by eliminating excess fat, tightening the muscles beneath the skin of the neck, and removing sagging skin. It doesn’t stop the aging process but merely “sets the clock back.”

The patient to the left presented for facial rejuvenation: she had a brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasties, facelift and cervicoplasty (neck) as well as fat graphing performed at the lower lids and cheeks, nasolabial folds, and lips.

She is shown 6 months after surgery. The lifting of the soft tissue, as well as re-filling using her own fat grafts, replaces the volume lost during aging and restores the more full and youthful appearance she had before.
Another patient, Ruth, presented one year ago for a consultation with Dr.Concannon. She was 66 years old at the time and indicated, “One day I walked by the mirror and asked myself, who is that old lady in the mirror?”
“Although I was 66 years old at the time, I still feel 40. I wanted my outside appearance to reflect how I felt on the inside”.
Ruth’s daughter had come to Dr. Concannon, a board certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation and sclerotherapy, so she decided to come meet Dr. Concannon to see if she was a candidate for a facelift. Due to the lack of sunscreen growing up in the sixties, Ruth elected to go with a MACS Lift(facelift) and Cervicoplasty(tightening of the neck muscles).
Ruth was just seen recently for her one year exam and expressed, “I love my more youthful look. No wrinkles, tight skin and a smooth complexion!”
If a facelift is a procedure you may be interested in, please contact Dr. Concannon at 573-449-5000 today!