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Obagi Transformation

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Posted December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Obagi Skin Care is top of the line

There’s a cleanser for everyone – dull or shine

Toner is next and corrects the PH,

So that products to follow flow into the face

The product called “Clear” is next in the kit

This is the one that has magic in it

“Clear” lightens and brightens your skin

With it’s 4% hydroquinone – the dark spots can’t win

The following step is essential for sure

“Exfoderm Forte” for oily skin rules

For dryer skin types there’s plain “Exfoderm”

It’s a light phytic acid from plants..I have learned

The final step in the morning each day

Is the most important wrinkle preventer of all – I say

It’s Obagi sunscreen spf 35

Prevents the sun spots and face from getting dry

Last on the list and most Potent of All

Is “Blender” which mixes with your retinol

Pushes it down further within

To start making changes deeper down in the skin

Don’t wait any longer to take care of your skin

Start on Obagi and watch the transformation begin
Written by:
Angie Wooden, RN & Medical Aesthetician

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