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Breast Augmentation

If you’re considering Breast Augmentation

So you’ve decided to consider breast augmentation. We can help! We have information, pictures, special sizing programs, and financing options to help you decide what is best for you as you consider breast enlargement. We’re committed to educating our breast augmentation patients and helping them make informed choices about breast implant size, type, and shape. We believe that interaction and communication make for the best surgical experiences!

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Breast Augmentation at Concannon Plastic Surgery

General Information

At Concannon Plastic Surgery, we’ve got experience you can count on. Dr. Concannon is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs more breast augmentations than virtually any other surgeon in Mid-Missouri. He has performed more than 15,000 surgical procedures in his career so far. Breast augmentation is the number one plastic surgery procedure nationally, and it is also the number one cosmetic procedure in our practice.

Choosing your new breast size is important and personal. To help you, we’ve created a special program to help you make the best choice for yourself. Your breast enlargement consultation includes a unique sizing appointment. We help you try on new sizes until you find the look you like. Once you are happy, we take “before and after” photos of your “new look” for you to take home so that you can share your dream with your friends and family.

Breast augmentation patients are statistically happy with their decision with 95% patient satisfaction reported nationally. Women who’ve had breast augmentation talk about the positive changes in their life—self-confidence, more positive self image, and the freedom to wear clothing they had avoided in the past. enlargement. We’re committed to educating our breast augmentation patients and helping them make informed choices about breast implant size, type, and shape. We believe that interaction and communication make for the best surgical experiences!

Breast Augmentation at Concannon Plastic Surgery

Understanding Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is intended to give you larger and shapelier breasts. If you have one breast that is noticeably smaller than the other, breast enlargement surgery can usually equalize the size and come close to matching the shape.

Breast augmentation is a surprisingly straightforward and safe surgery in the hands of an experienced surgeon. At Concannon Plastic Surgery, we perform breast augmentations on an outpatient basis in our own fully accredited onsite facility using IV sedation. There is no need to go to the hospital, or have a general anesthetic with the associated post-operative discomfort and issues associated with that. The whole process is simple, painless and pleasant– just ask our patients!

If you are thinking of having breast augmentation, you are certainly not alone. Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is currently one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. For years, women in Mid Missouri and all over the country have had this procedure, and its popularity continues.

There is a lot of information available on breast enlargement. In fact, there is so much information available when you surf the internet that it can become confusing or overwhelming. Dr. Concannon does more breast augmentations than any other surgeon in Mid Missouri. So we want to share our knowledge with you and give you some good, basic information.

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Concannon Plastic Surgery – Breast Augmentation Testimonial

Myths About Breast Augmentation

Let’s begin with some of the myths about breast augmentation. One of them being that if you have larger breasts, you’ll be happy. You’ll probably feel better about how you look in your clothes, and you may even feel sexier. But don’t expect a change in your bra size to change your life or solve any relationship problems. Another myth is that asymmetrical breasts will be perfect after breast surgery. Doctors can do much to correct unevenness, and often breasts look better and more symmetrical after surgery, but a perfect “matched set” may not be possible. An additional common misconception is you can be as big as you want to be—that’s wrong. Your body frame, your current breast size, and your skin are all factors in what size breast implants you can ultimately carry well.

Breast Sizing, Implants, and Lifestyle

Breast enlargement is a relatively simple surgical procedure and is performed by Dr. Concannon on-site in our private and fully accredited facility, with IV sedation, not general anesthesia. You can either choose saline or silicone implants. Both are FDA approved.

An important factor when considering breast size is your lifestyle. If you are active in sports, you might want to keep your implant size smaller. If have a body type with fuller hips or wider shoulders, you might want to consider larger implants to create a more portioned shape to your body. As an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Concannon can help advise you on sizing, and you can also benefit from a sizing program that helps you try on breast sizes.

After Breast Augmentation

This procedure is done under sedation, and you will need someone to take you home after surgery and be with you the first day or so following the procedure. You will be able to go about light daily activities after the first few days, but more aerobic recreation should be delayed for about three weeks. Lifting is discouraged for several weeks, so if you have small children, you need to think about who will help you with the little ones. Most patients return to their jobs within a week unless their job requires lifting or aerobic activity. You can expect some discomfort with healing and slightly more discomfort is reported when the implant is placed under the breast muscle (subpectoral). Normally, you will be given pain medication after surgery, so with adequate rest, the healing process is usually speedy and uneventful. There are no sutures to remove (they are all dissolvable and placed under the skin to minimize the scar).

Procedure Risks

As with all surgical procedures there are risks, but major complications are unusual. Some risks common to all procedures are nausea, bleeding, inflammation and infection, and thick or wide scars. Risks specific to breast augmentation include swelling and bruising, itching, numbness, discomfort and pain, capsular contracture, loss of sensation or tissue to breast skin or nipples, wrinkling and asymmetry, and infection. These and other less common risks should be discussed with you before surgery. If the doctor you choose does not offer an in-depth, pre-operative visit to cover all aspects of your surgery with you, then we suggest you choose another surgeon.

In Summary, here’s what to look for and what you will find at Concannon Plastic Surgery

Schedule a Consultation
  • Meet personally in consultation with Dr. Concannon, an experienced board certified plastic surgeon
  • At the consultation, have an examination and discuss your desires and expectations and the recommended procedure
  • Receive information and materials that help you in the decision making process
    See before and after pictures of real patients of the surgeon
  • Have a “sizing” appointment where you can try on different size implants
  • Get a specific written quote detailing complete costs of the breast implant surgery
  • After scheduling surgery attend an individual “pre-op” appointment to discuss all surgical aspects and risks