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Everyone in the office was very professional, friendly, and informative “very personable”… I LOVE MY RESULTS! Thank you so much for the great experience! Everyone in this office did an awesome job at making me feel very comfortable. Keep up the wonderful service that you all provide


I chose Dr. Concannon because of his rapport with the patient and staff, so easy to talk to…I love love LOVE my results! This was the best experience I could have wanted. The staff is so kind, honest and helpful, answered every question. Great results. Dr. Concannon always available to contact and answer anything.


I would like to share with you my experience with Concannon Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa. I personally always wanted a Breast Augmentation. I wasn’t very happy with the way I looked in certain clothes, especially swim wear. With my lifestyle, I had hardly any room for downtime. After having children-there was virtually zero downtime. I wanted it more than ever though. The effects that children have on your body is a little unexpected. It was something I wanted to do for myself. I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Concannon just to get my questions answered. After meeting with him, I was very surprised. He does everything a little different, from his honest bedside manner to his very own OR. The staff was so inviting and understanding of exactly what I wanted. I wanted to look obviously fuller than originally, but still very realistic. I decided to schedule my surgery on a Thursday, and just like he said, I was back to work on Monday. I was out with my family by that Sunday! To be honest, I think I had more discomfort when I had my wisdom teeth removed! The recovery process was so much easier than I expected. The results are better than I ever imagined. They are perfect! Everything from swim suits, tank tops, even work clothes look better! If I had to do it over again, I would in a heartbeat. I would recommend, if you are thinking about cosmetic surgery — Talk to Dr. Concannon and his staff. They really take the time to understand exactly what you want. As well as they are VERY good at what they do.


Words may never describe how this experience has, and is affecting my life! Thank you all for making me feel more content in my own skin. I have always felt cute and attractive, but now I feel beautiful! With my new breasts I actually feel that I look more my age and can walk with my head and chest held high. I have gotten great reviews from my friends and family. Everyone has always said that my flat chest was pretty the way it was, but now when those choice few have gotten to see all of your handiwork they are amazed at how perfect and attractive they look on me. I have always been taught that what is on the inside is what truly counts. Thank you for enhancing my outer shell to match how I feel about myself on the inside! Thank you all for making the world a bit prettier and for making those around you more at ease with our overall appearance! With much gratitude


Every question was answered for me in terms that I would understand. Dr. Concannon, the nurses and Betty went above and beyond to answer my questions in full. Accreditation of the surgeon was VERY IMPORTANT! Having Dr. Concannon’s credentials at my fingertips made me feel more comfortable with putting my body and life in his hands. Accreditation of the facility allowed me to feel that this was a safe and healthy environment for my surgery. I actually was considering a total of 4 different surgeons. Once I had researched all of them, went by word of mouth, and then actually met with Dr. Concannon and his staff, I knew that he was the one I wanted to take care of me! I felt like the nurses were holding my hand the entire time. It relieved me and helped me not have as much anxiety about the procedure… My surgical result is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I could not ask for anything better. A am so very cmfortable and thankful for my new look and everyone who played a part in my transformation…You all hold a special place in my heart. I thank you for making me feel better about myself. Thank God for your talent and goodness to others!


I came to the office from word of mouth…Dr. Concannon is the best in Columbia! The pre and post-op instructions were VERY well put together, everything about the experience was great! I have FABULOUS RESULTS — I finally have the boobs I’ve always dreamed of! Keep up the great work! Your entire office is wonderful and all seem to work well together. I will definitely be back again!


I chose this office because of accreditation, strong referral, and the before and after pictures on-line. My surgical result is great! My husband says they are perfect! Dr. Concannon is my first choice!


Overall the surgery was a good experience– with no pain, and I would do it again. I am please with the results, overall, as well. I like Dr. Concannon and the staff was wonderful.


The office was so friendly– Loved the patient material I was sent home with. You guys are so friendly it shows that you really care! You have a great office, Dr. C & staff!


Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I am more than satisfied with the results and am no longer consumed with thoughts of my tummy roll and long breasts. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, and I will definitely use your services in the future.


Everyone there talked each other up. It appeared that everyone really got along. It was nice seeing the same faces at every visit. The small staff numbers help keep the feeling of a family, and personal experience. I had a wonderful experience! The entire experience from teh scheduling of the consult, to the actual consult, meeting everyone who would be involved, all the info given abou the procedure, to the accreditations involved, to the actual office/waiting room setup was much better than the other consults I had.


Everyone in the office was very professional, friendly, and informative “very personable”… I LOVE MY RESULTS! Thank you so much for the great experience! Everyone in this office did an awesome job at making me feel very comfortable. Keep up the wonderful service that you all provide


I chose Dr. Concannon’s office because it had a friendlier staff, better atmosphere, and I felt more comfortable with Dr. Concannon…Thanks to Betty for always being so friendly and helpful. A BIG thank you to Morgan for taking such great care of me. And of course Dr. Concannon and his wonderful work!


I was referred by a friend, who was also a patient of Dr. Concannon’s. After my consultation, I cancelled the consultation with another office. I have recommended several friends to come by for consultations too!


I heard Dr. Concannon was a well respected plastic surgeon. The nursing staff were so professional and caring. The post-operative care more than I could have asked for; my surgical result is excellent 🙂 The staff & Dr. Concannon give a person peace of mind from the first visit. All questions are answered. You can call and someone is always available to help you. I truly felt everyone that works at the facility was hand picked by God to make people feel warm and welcomed- the environment is so calming. The helpful staff & nurses were all wonderful people. I can’t say enough to people who know I had surgery where I got it done and how I felt. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my surgery. God bless you all!


I was referred by a friend, and also my doctor to see Dr. Concannon. I chose this office to perform my surgery (over the others) because: 1. It was more personal and intimate 2. Dr. Concannon’s skills 3. Focused on me when in room and not RUSHED. The great staff worked with me and my schedule for all appointments, and always made me feel welcome and not “just another patient or customer” & I appreciate that!


I considered other plastic surgery offices, but chose this one because it was local (the other was in St. Louis). I love the browlift, eyes, botox and restylane. I recommend you guys ALL THE TIME. I’m a huge fan of your practice, totally satisfied.


I chose Dr. Concannon’s office for its complete comfort and professionalism. The nurses were informative, caring and proffesional– completely over the top! I can’t imagine what the nurses could have done to improve my experience!


After my initial visit, I felt comfortable with Dr. Concannon. He was kind, professional, very knowledgable and seemed to care about me as a person and not just a sourse of income. He was my only choice after that– I considered no one else. Dr. Concannon was awesome!


My surgical result is great! I showed my primary care physician, he was extremely impressed and said I look great. I only considered Dr. Concannon because of his CV and other physicians’ high opinion of him


I chose to have Dr. Concannon do my surgery because I wanted to avoid the hospital– office surgery was preferred


greatly appreciate your generosity and kindness! I am very thankful for the skill you are blessed with, which in turn has helped us.


I want to express my appreciation for your quick response and helpfulness when I called in semi-distress–you dropped what you were doing to “hold my hand” for a while, and help me out– I really appreciate it. Also, this is a very belated, and insufficient thank you for your beautiful skin work on me.


It was so nice to hear from Betty the next day and she was able to answer my questions. Even when I made my consultation appointment, the nurse already made me feel comfortable with my decision


Not only are you making me look better, but you make me feel better! Every time I come in or call I am treated with kindness. You treat me like I am your only patient.


I can’t think of anything to improve the experience…Staff was courteous, knowledgeable and very informative. Dr. Concannon was very pleasant and made the whole experience for me worthwhile…Thank you!


Accreditation of the surgeon and the facility were VERY important to me…I chose Dr. Concannon because of his reputation, his experience and accreditation, the professionalism of his office staff, nurses, etc


When we started this process you told me only God could make a breast but you could come pretty close- and you sure did! My reconstruction has made me whole again and helps with the emotional healing.


I saw the same staff every visit. Everyone was very kind and compassionate! I felt like family by the time I was finished with my procedure and follow ups!


here are very few offices where patients are treated so well. Even family members that come with me have commented on the friendly, caring, environment.


You have one of the nicest, most well organized and competent staff I know. I am extremely pleased and hope to some day be able to offer the same effectiveness and care to my own patients.


I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me – it is so appreciated- you will never know the positive impact it has had on my life.


Dr. Concannon did such a great job that I will not go to anyone else. I only refer to Dr. Concannon. Can not say enough good!


A year ago, I began the reconstruction process you and your staff excel at. Each morning as I don a normal bra and clothes I am so thankful. I am grateful to have this option and the results.


I love it! I’m sorry I waited so long. Nothing could have improved my experience; there was no pain and everything happened as planned.


My skin felt wonderful and looked great… It was a pleasant experience and I really enjoyed it all!


I liked the chance to have the procedure done in the office with sedation-much better. I am thrilled with my surgical result, the experience was great. Wish I had done it years ago.


A great experience from a fun and professional group…I feel great about my results.


I love my results, I recommend Dr. Concannon to my friends all the time!


I came to Dr. Concannon because of great references from people, I am very pleased with him. You and your staff are doing a wonderful job at your clinic. I am very happy!!


This was my first plastic surgery experience. I was very impressed with Dr. Concannon and his nurse. I felt comfortable and was given alot of information about my procedures! The environment was professional but you guys made me feel more than welcome. I had a great experience. I have already recommended you. I plan to be back for more in the future. Thank you so much!!!


I considered Dr. Concannon to do my surgery because I was comfortable and trusted him (he fixed my dad’s thumb). I would (and do) recommend him to everyone! My surgery was the best thing I ever did! Dr. Concannon is the best! I couldn’t have asked for a more caring doctor! He changed my life by giving me confidence and a huge ego!


Thank you so much for taking such good care of me! I love the results…by attending to my needs you’ve won yourself another loyal customer (or should I say addict, ha ha). Thank you so much and see you in a couple of months!


Thank you Trista for taking such great care of me last week. I LOVED the results the microdermabrasion produced….glowing baby soft skin with smaller pores. At 46, I never would have imagined my skin would have looked and felt this great!!! SEE YOU NEXT MONTH!!!


I looked at a few websites, but only contacted Dr. Concannon for a consult…surgeon and facility stood out way above the others. I couldn’t be happier about my surgical result! Thank you for making my surgery the best experience ever. I love the results!


I went to see Dr. Concannon because I valued the referral of a friend (who had surgery there) and felt very at ease and comfortable during the consultation…I just wanted to let you know that Betty, Christian, and Dr. Concannon were great through the whole process. Each of them made me feel very comfortable and well taken care of throughout the process!


My friend (who was a patient of Dr. Concannon’s) spoke so highly of him I didn’t feel the need to consider other surgeons…I trust her judgment. The nursing staff was very accessible if I ever had a question or issue. The post-operative instructions were very well done and informative.


I was impressed with your facility when I came with a family member who was having surgery… I did not consider any other plastic surgeon. Easy to understand and follow instructions…I am extremely satisfied with everything Thank you


Dr. Concannon was the only surgeon I considered based on his experience….accreditation of the facility is also very important to me. Dr. Concannon does great work and has a great personality, I am very pleased with my surgical result.


Everything I found online was excellent! When I sought input from my friends, I was thrilled to hear nothing but positive/fabulous comments! Your brochure, your pre-op information and your post-op info were so informative and your letters were both sincere and professional. Excellent job! Prior to my consult, I planned to meet with a second surgeon. However, my husband and I felt so comfortable after meeting with Dr. Concannon & his staff that we scheduled surgery and cancelled the appointment with the other doctor. Both the pre-op & post-op info you provided were extremely thorough and greatly appreciated. This is just another example of excellence that I continually rave about! I am thrilled with my new look, Dr. Concannon did an amazing job! I constantly tell my friends and family how wonderful my experience was and make it very clear that Concannon Plastic Surgery is the best! Thank you! From the first time I called to inquire about my procedure, I was impressed with the personal and professional approach that Dr. Concannon and all members of his staff took with me. You all strive to make your patients comfortable and it definitely shows!


My questions were answered thoroughly; accreditation of the surgeon was absolutely important to me, as was accreditation of the facility. I found Dr. Concannon’s brochures and letters to be very detailed, yet easy to understand and well written. The primary reasons I considered Dr. Concannon is that he is an accredited (board certified) plastic surgeon with excellent credentials. His years of experience and knowledge along with the patient testamonials also influenced my decision to make the call for the initial consultation. It is my opinion that Dr. Concannon has the BEST nursing staff around. They actually make you feel as if you really do matter!! Special shout out to Angie– she is truly an asset to your organization. She is very knowledgable, friendly and supportive. If I chose to have plastic surgery again, I would absolutely come back to Dr. Concannon’s office.


Dr. Concannon, You recently performed a gynecomastia surgery on my 15 year old son. I just wanted to tell you how much you have changed his life. Before the surgery he would not talk to girls, go out for sports, take his shirt off in front of anyone (not even me) or participated in PE. He has had large breast since about the age of 9. He was teased immensely throughout Jr. High. He dropped out of track in the sixth grade b/c some of the boys teased him about having “man boobs”. His self-esteem was horrible. He didn’t even care about his appearance and often wouldn’t shower or even brush his teeth. He was very depressed. Since the surgery his life and attitude has changed so much. He showers every day now. He brushes his teeth and cares about his appearance. I often catch him in the mirror looking at and rubbing his now flat chest. He is now talking to and taking an interest in girls. He was even asked to homecoming just last week. We went out and bought him a $360 suit and he admired himself in the mirror. He has made more friends and is even starting to go to parties and such. He is now talking about wrestling next year and taking a weightlifting class. He is so much more aware of his appearance. He began dieting after the surgery and has lost 20lbs. He comes home from school everyday and instead of grabbing chips or cookies, for an after school snack, he now eats a can of tuna. He smiles more and jokes more. He seems to be happier in his own skin and his self-worth has improved more than I would have ever imagined. I truly think you may have saved my sons life. I feared that his self-esteem was so low that he may have been thinking of suicide. You also saved his social life and I know that he will now look back on his high school years with joy and great memories. I can’t thank you enough. It was worth every penny and if my sons story can help others who are trying to decide whether or not to do this procedure please feel free to use it. God bless and keep you!


After years of sun worshipping combined with surgical menopause and reaching the age of 47, I looked old. The skin on my face was dull and very discolored with fine lines everywhere. I tried numerous products with little success. By chance, I had a casual conversation with Dr. Concannon who recommended a consult with Trista and use of Obagi products followed by a peel. Trista was great! After a couple of weeks using the Obagi skin care system, I begin to see real changes in my skin. My face was softer and actually looked and felt fresh. The fine lines were diminishing too. Trista stayed in contact with me weekly checking on my progress. Finally, in early February I underwent the Blue Peel with Dr. Concannon and Trista in attendance. The whole process was easy and I had little to no discomfort. In fact, I attended a ball a week later with many compliments. The personal attention by Dr. Concannon and his staff with phone calls and follow up before and after the peel kept me motivated and confident. Results were great!!! My family who was nervous and hesitant about the peel process continue to make comments on how great my skin looks. My care was totally individualized to my needs and I can’t thank Dr. Concannon, Trista, and staff enough for their time, concern, and professionalism. I have complete confidence in Dr. Concannon and staff for future needs.


“Just a quick note to thank all of you for your professionalism and great care before, during and after my procedure! From the first call to your office in April, through all the office visits and the procedure, I have been very impressed every step of the way! Everyone is so personable! What a class act! I am excited about my new look and the way I feel 🙂


Dear Dr. Concannon & complete staff, Thank you so much for all the wonderful care I received. What a positive experience and professional staff. I felt very comfortable and worry free. Dr. Concannon, you always took the time to ask if I had any questions or if I needed anything. I love my new look & I feel wonderful. You and your staff show great compassion from start to finish. I will always greatly appreciate your team, and highly recommend your services. I only wish all doctors and their staff was structured like yours! Kindness like yours is never forgotten. Thank you so much.


Dr. Concannon was great. After having so many bad experiences, it was such a pleasure to have someone be so caring as well as a person of their word. Thank you.


All of my questions were answered promptly and I was left feeling comfortable with my decision. Accreditation of the facility was important to me, as well as familiarity with the Lap-band procedure that I had done previously- I knew I was in good hands. I initially saw Dr. Concannon for a second opinion, but his familiarity with the procedure made my decision much easier. I am so glad I did. Dr. Concannon went above and beyond to make me feel happy with my results. I debated having a tummy tuck for quite a while. When I did make that decision Dr. Concannon and his staff made that experience as pleasant as possible. Thank you for making me fabulous!


Dr. Concannon is very well known and highly thought of for his talent in this field. Very professional & caring.


I left my consultation with an understanding of what would happen and felt very at ease. I was nervous going into this appointment but was relaxed at the end. Thank you!


I was referred to see Dr. Concannon by three people: my own doctor, a member of my family and also one of my friends. Dr. Concannon made me feel comfortable and I liked his results better than the other surgeon I talked to about this. I am extremely happy with my results and I’m glad I followed through!


The letters that came to me in the mail were quick, and I felt that all of my concerns were getting addressed. My doctor recommended Dr. Concannon; after meeting him and his staff they made me feel comfortable. I feel like they treated me like family. Betty was great! Everything was clear, and easy to understand, never embarrassing. The nurses made me feel very much at ease– professional and friendly! The pre-operative and post-operative instructions were all clear, which helped me and my husband understand what needed to be done. The Concannon nursing staff was exceptional! Made me feel like I made a friend. Always greeted me by name and with a smile. Was easy to ask questions, didn’t make me feel like my questions were stupid. I am so happy with my results– should have done this sooner! There is nothing that could have been done to make this process better, Dr. Concannon and his staff set the bar! I was grateful to have the care that I did. The nurses were helpful, courteous, and treated me with respect. I had questions, and they had answers. Made me feel comfortable. Had a great experience, thank you!


All of my questions were answered; both the accreditation of the surgeon and the facility were very important to me. The literature they gave me was vary helpful; I did not consider another plastic surgery office for my care. The nurses were informative, caring, and professional, and were very accessible if I had a question or concern. Both the pre-op package and the post-op instructions were very helpful!!! Dr. Concannon was knowledgable, caring, thorough, professional and patient. I LOVE my results! I highly recommend Dr. Concannon to my friends or family that are considering plastic surgery.


I had talked with several people who had previously used Dr. Concannon. I liked all the charts, made the meds much easier. Jamie and Meghan were wonderful 🙂 Meghan went the extra mile. Overall I feel great about my surgical result, I wish I had done it sooner!


My surgical result is PERFECT! I would refer Dr. Concannon to anyone.


Dear Dr. Concannon, I had my breast augmentation back in May. It was something I had wanted to do for many, many years but it was not until I had lost the volume in the top part, of the little bit of breast tissue I had that I decided to go ahead and finally call your office. I have to say that I am very pleased with my decision. The results are fabulous! I only wish I had done it sooner. My clothes fit like they are supposed to now. My bra doesn’t ride up across my chest every time I raise my arms or reach up for something and I just feel more comfortable in my own skin. Oh, and as an added benefit my husband loves them too! My procedure was pretty quick and easy and your staff was very kind and approachable. You and your nurses made me feel very comfortable throughout the consult, pre-op, procedure and post-op visits. Thank you so much!