Body Treatments

Look Better Naked” Body Treatment

Using a lemongrass fragrance, this is a complete body treatment featuring our renowned exfoliating Mineral Body Scrub, Dead Sea Mineral Body Mask and ending with a luxurious massage with our Rich Body Crème and Dry Body Oil.

(60 min)

Body Waxing

Remove unwanted hair from brows, lip, bikini, legs, back and underarms. ($17-$60, price based on treatment area). *OR* permanently remove the hair with our laser hair removal system (see below)

Body Glowing Salt Scrub
This deep cleansing, exfoliating salt scrub is a relaxing and healthy indulgence. A blend of salts and essential oils are massaged into the skin to remove impurities and dead skin while promoting circulation. The treatment concludes with decadent hydrating body lotion to leave the skin silky smooth with an iridescent glow.

Eye Brow Tinting

Eye brows are the frame to a face; by tinting the eyebrows your either bring out your eyes more or tinting them to match your hair color. This is a temporary treatment that last two weeks or longer depending on each individual.

Eye Lash Tinting

Going swimming? Can’t wear mascara? Are your lashes short? Eye lash tinting may be the answer you are looking for, a temporary treatment which last four weeks or longer can change your whole appearance.


In skin care, it is the term used to describe the process of manually removing blackheads, or comedones, from the skin. Gentle pressure is applied to the blackhead, and the plug of oil and dead cells is carefully coaxed to the surface. Extractions are most beneficial in conjunction with Isolaz laser treatments or Concannon Signature facial.

Airbrush Tan

Achieve that summer, sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays of the sun.