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Wide awake breast augmentation

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Posted October 10, 2010 in no pain, Wide awake breast augmentation

For the past few years, we have been doing virtually all of our breast augmentations and breast lifts in our office operating room, a fully accredited facility by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF). Our technique involves “conscious sedation” combined with local anesthetic, so that it is a very comfortable and relaxing experience. What has been amazing for our patients has been the markedly improved recovery process, without having to undergo a general anesthetic or its side effects. We asked one of our recent breast augmentation patients to give us a small accounting of her experience with her surgery:

“I was interested in getting a breast augmentation for many years, ten to be exact. My youngest child is eleven and I just could never get myself to take that leap as I thought I was taking away from my children. This past year I started thinking more and more about it, but just never called around to find that “right” doctor. One day I was visiting with a friend and she told me she had scheduled a consultation at a St. Louis practice and that just sparked my interest even more. I knew I did NOT want to travel to St. Louis. That same afternoon I was sitting at my desk reading a business journal and saw where Concannon Plastic Surgery was going to be at a business expo later that month. I called Concannon Plastic Surgery’s office and I scheduled my consultation.

As soon as I walked in the office I immediately felt at ease. The staff at CPS was all so kind, welcoming and full of information. Dr. Concannon’s credentials sold me and his ‘bedside manners’ were above and beyond any other doctor I have met. I knew going through with the procedure was the best choice for me and picking Dr. Concannon to be my surgeon was a “no brainer”.

When I arrived to the office the day of surgery, I was taken to a private room and put on a gown. Christian, Dr. Concannon’s nurse welcomed me and offered me a soda while she prepped me for surgery. She thoroughly explained how the surgery would go. I got an IV for antibiotics and medication to help me relax. Before going to the operating room Dr. Concannon came in the room to talk with me about my surgery and to make the marks on my body. In the operating room Christian stayed with me the entire time. I was able to drink my soda during surgery and talk with both Christian and Dr. Concannon. The amazing part of the procedure for me was that I was awake during surgery. I do not remember the entire process but I do remember I was pain free during and after the surgery.

After surgery I was taken back to the same private room where my husband was waiting. Christian showed me pictures from the surgery and went over all the discharge information. I came back to the office the following day for my post operative appointment. Christian removed the dressing and my new breasts were revealed.

I am so happy with my results and I have a new confidence about my self that I never knew existed!”

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